[20150210] No. 047 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 47!

Almost daily listing Gay will be the summer holidays.
Thank you since occasional updates 8/11 – 8/16, while.We will refresh the well away from.

Today is the 10 posts!

(1) solution to the decline of the CVR in search advertising
There are several approaches about lowering the CVR!How to use good forum?It is!

(2) suddenly to Twitter.Listen to WebMoney sense sect, but also marketing and cooperate in production art
Also suddenly been appointed in charge of holding out to be go live!

And (3) tied to the industry!| In retail customer to customer is counter-productive.
The idea is important!Similar industry can help!

(4) through, for the Smartphone’s launch Premium Smartphone series of premium ad inventory
PMP for branding the demand I’m sure.I see..!

(5) make creative artificial intelligence?(The first part)
Advertising rather than creative’s story, but interesting!

(6), the amp is all about mobile search results! Google this fall introduced plans to AMP-only frame a huge “Live Ticker”
AMP system information search results also strongly influence is so let us continue!

(7) basic advertising operations from overseas delivery failure
Considerations for overseas distribution and awareness because good articles!

(8) strengthen efforts to manage advertising on Facebook, users
Management of ≈ is now the effect of gaze a block?!

(9) [examples] Note unexpected clicks
So even when there is a change in the wave of trend G trend occasionally better use NYO!

(10) to increase search rankings now SEO measures 18 election!
Realize immediate results and SEO-ish greatly so!