[20160808] No. 046 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 46!

Week 1 second, there are some good articles.
Information for each industry is overwhelmingly!

Today is the 11th article!

(1) listening to five experts: how to improve the Web site in just four hours
Another expert opinion, will be very helpful.

(2) can be used when conversion rate fell six techniques
Article of the day is not.Conversion rates have fallen so I stayed in the eye.

(3) to see if you are bothered by improving efficiency of e-zine article 8 election
In brief summary, said that article shared!

(4) conducting through space start business lab, cosmic “big data”
It will leverage data as seen from space is very hot!

(5) visible from the attribution report cross-device data analysis future trends
Device descend getting heated up I guess.What is AdWords go far this year.

(6) store ASP “sell Internet advertising a school”, landing with the site creation tools “Petrich” in production can be
A system is said to be the strongest single store.

(7) [case study] Yahoo! including premium DSP at search lifts achieve the branding effect
Indicators of branding as well as being worth a look is!

(8) the click-through rate is not much indication
I think number in search and it says verifying the CVR in a range of optimal from a range.

(9) how the surely raise the conversion rate?/ Mr. asked fusion ishijima Youhei
The CRO can make your decision and Babylon!From the soil-making!

(10) Facebook advertising and direct response to take advantage of four DOS and Don’ts
Conversions, including teaching to improve the!

(11) Royal dynamic retargeting ads see Criteo”data feed design, only this!Two points
With no GData feed deep-deep!