[20160804] No. 043 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 43!

Yahoo! News here from the intense heat 2 weeks in
Heat protection note everyone! ~!

Today is 6 articles!

(1) Yahoo! promotional ad text supplement options available
Yahoo! version callout options emergency swoop!

(2) approach to superlative representation advertising production
Good article so superlative expressions is a common problem that together!

(3) half or more ads, to begin with doesnt?In the DSP Visual cognition (InView %) to verify.
vCPM system Visual approval resolution of ad indicators will be hot.It is an evolution of the DSP.

(4) leverage real-time traffic data. Outdoor digital advertising “vary according to the congestion level”
It has the potential advantage of advertising is any data!

(5) conversion measurements vary from 9/2016 from “AdWords”
AdWords as usual early and continuously.

(6) not putting out of reach.