[20160803] No. 042 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 42!

This is a Gay dumped heavy rain.
Chillin with the train, and it was.
Take heart and mind, I write write!

Today is 12 articles!

(1) a new ad format on click-through rate increases by 20%!And the extended text ads on Google AdWords?
Click-through rate will is 1.5 – 2 times by ETA.AHA ~

(2) listing advertising management agencies transition criteria
It is agency transfer requirements.Ear pain!

(3) voice of praise from women all over the world!Submitted on IG Nike sports bra ads are talking about
I felt it’s title will attract the eye of advertising.

(4) new possibilities “DSP provides OEMS with” the Gospel of the companies holding large amounts of user data?
DSP are flooded in this form, to plunge into the warring States period to damage the one!

(5) and Instagram ad | out with 5-minute case study paper way
Keep calling yourself out!?!

(6) all things are connected to the Internet | conquering delusion
Everything is connected to the Internet, everything can be in advertising.?!

SEO is already old (7)? From the practice of overseas advanced media “SEO” to “FBO”
Will the term FBO, it and other recent trends will!

(8) ago doing a/b testing to check here only 3 points to
Test the ROI that do have a purpose!

(9) in Web marketing should be valued both SEO and advertising?
Different from what the due period for results-focused.

Change how the Planner Google keywords, search volume (10)
I want to know that the changed structure of the tool.

(11) [Googleadウords] advertisement options include a price display options
AdWords feature increases more and more.It is a surprise.

(12) a proper frequency of Facebook advertising
The information you were looking for so well Heh, English is the original!