[20160729] No. 039 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 39!

Thank you for your good work.This is gay.
AdWords featured in recent days articles often.
We will absorb the various Google idea!
The update time is a little bit late to would be.
Thank you very much.

4 article today!

[1] preliminary note “abnormal” and weekend in Google rankings and traffic
Great search rankings change is happening.Watch out!

(2) in the SNS is how diffusion (buzz) “at a glance”you can see tool 16
The diffusion condition of my posts want cheap it is.(Not so much spread!

(3) increase in Smartphone!”Aimless search”
I’m having aimless search half.It will be asked for accomplishing it.

(4) the coexistence of listen to Google, advertising effectiveness and operational efficiency.-Advertising production slightly ahead of the current or A future state of AdOps [part 2]
The book of five rings is parodied, GORIN project!Whats up in your waist!