[20160727] No. 037 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 37!

Evolution of AdWords can not stop.
Does not stop evolving Pokemon
This is Gay I think outdoor activities are becoming increasingly common, and may become healthy.

Today is the 8th article please!

(1) external factors can predict their improvement
A rising external antenna!

(2) Internet ad × e × questionnaire dormant customers effectively re-buy direct!
Know-how digging in the understated approach survey, thank you!

And (3) of the content cannot be evaluated only in PV and UU “quality”? Analysis of owned media & improvements
Owned media (even this blog so?) Of improvement is indeed great tut!

(4) than with AdWords conversion across devices to measure accurately and completely
In the context of the latter half of “bid strengthen in PC search users in mobile, search, or when you are feeling a strong.

(5) [revised] create image ads with ad templates easily “Google AdWords.”
So says Google is strong to try!

(6) tend to confess, he can’t get married at the end of the date.I asked the marriage life of professional
JA, so as a man trapped by the title-w

(7) Google, a newly announced search for automatic bidding “Smart Bidding.
Automatic bidding is stronger.Unspecified!

(8) if I have to 自浄 Web, advertising, and EC in the industry by law straitjacket will eat you!
Title sticks!In advertising-related industry groups is checked!