[20160723] No. 035 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 35!

This is a Gay Pokemon Go to not stop.
It is fun.On the wave.
Riding the wave of advertising, let’s have fun!

Today 5 posts is here!

(1) improving case RLSA with exclusion
There’s a pattern to deliver to only those who come in first.

(2) Yahoo! added promotion advertisement sponsored search features
Gogole follower & I felt improvement in reporting it.Not to be missed!

(3) Yahoo! launches new publication tool for promotional advertising, easy operation “probably ad.
Try it again depends on the precision tools and circumstances, but the appearance may be better.

(4) when doing a/b testing must clarify its purpose.
Advance not AB testing and testing for anything or do not know it.

(5) users would think, no! Krug Web usability first law
I want to refer to, easy usability-it says so!