[20160720] No. 033 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 33.

Can’t stop the evolution of technology advertising area, rapidly followed by evolution.
Stay tuned because some hilarious in the pick of the day

5 article please!

(1) start the works in native advertising at Google and DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
It is with power GoogleDSP

(2) direct lovers in the Internet neighborhood recruiting story
How to use technology like this, my love, to read the report and keep a straight face w

(3) appeared in 2016, on the web to recruit lover and marry women!Men, now LOVE antenna you can!!
It will be similar article on is grinning LOVE antenna.

(4) publishing Google and AMP perfectly compatible with explosive speed display advertising A4A
Check it out in the only term of the AMP!Evolution does not stop!

(5) “MicroAd BLADE” com a Smartphone for reengagement ads feature “BLADE APP ReEngage” launched
App revenue to maximize advertising is also now well found!App I leave well recalled.