[20160719] No. 032 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 32!

Today we pick up in large quantities.
It is the holidays after good article mashima SI!

13 article please!

(1) enhance the Facebook, apps advertising-canvas ads, add new features, and dynamic response starts to
It is an evolution of the FB ads is going further.Want to DL appears a good app is nice.

(2) three LTV leveraging Web advertising evaluation points and success stories
It was advertising posts!Sweat it aside, later simplified to figure out just how to take advantage of the LTV it!

(3) start the Samurai cart, free Auto-link “NP postpay.
How have you heard of raw information that improved the CVR greatly in improving the method of payment, so that you can try it.

(4) searches by grouping and optimization
Grouped queries are to analyze of what sense I feel?!

(5) “listing ads” trying to understand the client’s fighting force (sales)
Frieza like AAAA!I’m doing proper improvement work based on the site will help.

(6) emerging theory is that “penguins updates will be gone.
This is in recognition that basic danger is not doing well, spam you unless you want to be.

(7) the behavioral patterns suggest attributes and psychological situation — position information utilizing the evolution of marketing
It’s targeting from behavioral patterns come from the chest fever!

(8) video ads don’t work and make users uncomfortable.The invention of the C CHANNEL was there to clear
Banner blindness!(Special techniques feeling)

(9) more and more marketing is a hallucinogenic drug, a complex consumer behavior faster so 滅boseru Earth!
Radical-looking title & contents darn cute comic strip,

(10) in 2016, the SEO is evolving into a SXO:Search Experience Optimization
Goodbye SXO’s SEO, Hello!It’s all put back to be honest!

(11) Facebook ads appeared in “average unit price bid.
Average bid bidding advantages you look at?

(12) “Singularity” (Singularity) beyond all human intelligence AI is 2045?
Come around is a good age.

(13) provide Twitter, Twitter Dashboard
I tried to deploy immediately.Knowing English but what fun.