[20160707] No. 023 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 23!

Tanabata Festival!But there’s not much!
It has stable update what can say so myself!
I think the daily information that is important.

Today is the 6th article, thank you!

(1) Kato Koichi Leo’s best seller published the Chinese version of the strongest works 100% reliably increases sales
I thought it’s amazing that it commenced in China.I have this book!

(2) in cart abandonment protection mail revenues sevenfold.Achieved by xross data apparel EC select square
Did you know Word cart abandonment protection.MA tools is still my novice?

(3) Yahoo! in promotional advertising, online application for advertisers to start offering “probably ad.
It is a direction as to unnerving depends on the accuracy of the automatic generation tool

Are seen to do your advertising, (4)?NBI and advertising display problem
Members only article later so watch out!Web ads if you want to know!

Search topic actually results exclude sites and answers “tilted” (5)
Tilted the ad was so relieved in that sense.

(6) a specific try SEO inside measures 10.
What if you asked a customer about this 10 tell and why not?