[20160706] No. 022 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 22!

There is response to your blog if you turned on Twitter Egosurfing
I’m pretty happy I did.
I think I like to have fun today.

Today is 4 article, thank you!

(1) what increase repeat purchases? To continue using the “ink revolution. COM “big TOP page renewal
That was hung in the title, but it’s all optimized for Repeater is Yes.

(2) I can set up properly?The initial set of Google Analytics
Immediately they see now feeling that I’ll do important basic settings.

(3) latest heat utilization method out reveal the real intention of the customer and optimize conversion rates
Fun just watching how to leverage, leverage!

(4) visualization of static banners click where to hit XE-heatmap tool launched
And new heat on the banner and become a better foothold!