[20160705] No. 021 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 21!

But can not tell you much that nifty
Information gathered on the Internet useful for everyone and as a study of the self
I slowly walk!

Today is the 6th article, thank you!

(1) young people of the world that’s crazy!Now the communication services seven
Do not know at all that into the generations no longer called young?!(Appalled

(2) in late 2016, the DSA (dynamic search advertising) further improves accuracy.
To be the result of so-called deplaning, I look forward to.

D2C, another device Internet advertising market size estimates survey results released (3)
Know the extent of Smartphone and video advertising materials

(4) SEO sales greatly improve. Yahoo! heard success factors to SEO shopping
Rather than the technical theory and cut from the Organization, working professionals like

(5) compared with search ads and shopping (product listings), AdWords.”
It is the post comes through strength shopping ads.Good examples!

(6) advertising production of nice little stories
Anagram’s nice ~!Advertising is a profession, but perfect for my happy & be policies where you feel!