[20150704] No. 020 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 20!

二日 is a continuous shower.
Despite the heavy rain alert is received cannot be avoided.
Out clean!

This time, article 5 is here!

(1) 4 points to adapt to changes in the mobile search scene, reveals change in Google
Would be helpful, I get encouraged how mobile or even writing.

(2) any long landing page any useful tools can be captured in one shot!
It’s a good extension tool

(3) Google Analytics remarketing is not used?
Contains the exact segment of analyticuslimarketing, would be helpful.

(4) how to laugh off the negative thoughts
Hope received a negative person.

(5) e-commerce industry chaos map 2016-TRANS-EC series
[Edition] Do you know says that cross-border EC as EC-related knowledge?