[20160702] No. 018 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 18!

Yesterday has been still more heat.
Heat not blowing winds today around this time.
Limp listing Gay while surfing the Web.

The 3 articles is here!

To see the effect on the time axis (1)
I would like to see on access analysis but also listing advertising management screen.

(2) explains the upcoming AdWords feature
Because of the importance I tried list of table of contents.

• Advertising icon color changes why shortening attention span of mobile users.
• Bid per-device behavioral changes for mobile users, advertisers on the hook
◎ high performance if you rewrite the creative ETA
• Castammermatchuprauder’s launch
• Search for similar users during the test
• Additional budgets to the PLA, offline com version
(3) “Dekiru guy” doing sports TOP10
Tempted by the title, I read.I am body while walking in.