[7/20] No. 012 almost daily listing Gay communications


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No. 12!

(How is the daily times are coming down.It’s sharp!)

Pick up the information read in the WEB World!
This is the 5 articles here!

Times 1:52
keeped: 109

(1) decided at a minimum!Article 4 integral part of online ad operations
Roundup! Type the method should look, etc

(2) coming future!Google Google photos and YouTube 360 ° services summary
Youtube360, twist exercise and feel good!Check it out Google car.

(3) take, NG’s operations! Purpose of Facebook pages, B2B companies have learned from the case of three and targeting
While I feel I should spread more than just corporate recognition to FB like.In the reference case.

(4) store women’s “when” and “where” in the “device” Internet shopping using the?
Are there hurdles to feel free to try it.Or with clothes and shoes.I would try OK and in pretty good.

(5) articles aimed at engineering students and professionals should read 4
Engineers say sound, I like the idea.

“Cheer here.”

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