Junior high school students want to go to College


“College career”
“High school College of which?』


Let’s say that someone put this search.

Want to go to College!What to do when you say life choices and decisions.

So when

From the ‘want to go and what to study in College?, go do’ good thinking.

Speaking of that worn by me in College, got stretched

And at your own pace
And temperament do not teach the teacher
-Graduated from the College in the hardest math levels can increase
-Mathematical thinking, differentiation and integration are absolutely not afraid of love if you put more digits
-Study nature everything will want in the article, first college paper level
But probably not high enough as a source of society’s level

-Club spirit of studying, extracurricular activities, work is
-Teaching course and test is a test of spirit
But, keeping their peers and juniors and mentally support each other

I think and think clearly, enough, enough.

College students with real enhancement palliniagueague! Like to be
But I think not.

UM I dream that once faced the society quickly and wants to keep fighting forever.

That would look up this career plan as the way you walk on it you are very good at?

Example) College five years studying society comes to mind who root (incorporating the frustration in society)

Graduated from the National College of technology

Big job



In Dino’s!Qualifications, hope University, Academy of go!

I admit all sorts HAPPY!Contribution to society


I wonder if it’s okay.College students.

When you please contact soon!
Meet in the chat.
I think you’d better life decisions, whichever comes first and the troubled.

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