Something to tell, with twists and turns, graduated 5 years I want to reach college students.




Hello. TENPEI is.

In fact, I, college graduate.
Leave the job, became a member of society.It is about society 5 year.

WEB today, listings, sales occupation after twists and turns, but
But I have often met with various people, among them.

Among college graduates at the met.What was different.

I get stressed out and meet College never want to tell people that I have a lot
I thought at all pick up and then quickly and tell the.

However, I solo, and than that College dude
To evaluate the technical college students, graduates, current students and college students
I should borrow the power of the WEB and can be communicated to all those who
I think I can post things wanted.

What you want to tell?

In the College's own existence and now

And real strength of college students

Themselves in society, are taking advantage of

• Extra students wanted.

In the College's own now

Student in the Department of mechanical,
Relatives of graduates from the College, and
Traditions of the school has changed its recommendation and quirky students shine
(* Examinations are in exempt currently enrolled)

-Studying to keep up with pretty frantic, results in

Baseball's Club

-As a student dormitory students (six months) and I grade, 10-20's

, Who is also the head of teaching students meeting

Or variously as baseball, in the dormitory said.
Looking back you feel are serious.
* Who knows the facts about the
When the characters look might laugh.
Too many gaps.

After graduating from the
-Mechanical company jobs

-Quit (make yourself sick feeling a little), said independent

Independent force in the reemployment

-Expired and re-employment, broken body or whatnot suffered six months, variously

Third job (advertising) and and spend to smooth sailing.

And after graduation worked ungrateful for his alma mater
It's kakawarenai so much to the school, and various other States.
As you approach from the WEB.So shy.

I think he is.
So get down to brass tacks.

Real strength of college students

In the community, college students are definitely not working.It has a reason.
But the true reason to notice and get to real success.
I think I'm half way to true success.I want to get along.

The reason (special solution)

1. skill level to the College for the age

Also, has often said that the 20-year-old, 21-year-old tight study in
The soldier has the Faculty of power is important for the company.
Compared with the student probably undervalued, company color dye, not taking years
I put the chest with the best materials.

2. impact of the senior colleges have already laid the foundations of

War College that I think many of you know, catalyst of growth that is the development of human resources.
Achievements laid a talented senior people of the spirit bear the country dedicated to the field of engineering shines now also without a doubt.
Given that seniors who are on friendly terms, is the easy-to-work more than a.Each I am also often had son, brother to a Senior College in the company.

Be the reason their so far, commonly found in the College's strengths and success.

Here is the original content!

The real reason (polynomials)

1. prefer rare mettle

An excellent person of ordinary, goes to the regular high school.
Like scarcity of excellent people who go to College.

Who in fact, going to College is like approximately 1.8% of society
First born something rare.

Rarity (better by far) is important as success factor
And temperament learning more about 50 people around you that you were in College, everyone should have confidence like that has changed.

People can change in society, can be thoroughly awesome in quality can be evaluated course and can be active.

2. specification

Admission is one measure but not
You can measure mainly two specs.

Specs of the work force (written exam)
-Preparatory power specs (interview)

* I said in the interview.The sales force was also around that time.

And "magnification" of these tests
You have been selected to one of 00!

Get happy with the assessment said.

Now students cracking-about three times the ordinary seems
In Super battleground or even 10-20 times at the start.

I want be the one spec to measure indicators.

Examples are the strengths in their own society

-Spirit like the rarity of original, thoroughly professional rare Internet advertising is becoming.

-In-house, many to die is not interested, so poke the opposite
Withering became numerous but rather the moment the home level.

Bothered as seriously, do
In earnest so that everyone does not do it, do it
Everyone cannot do much, do it seriously.

-Who's boss and weakness in the that you can order was Polish CHAN

And the observation of around messed up to

, And want to be loved means to do this, they say, will be.

-Control of the need for approval not less the weapon.

To say the extra students

Wow everyone's potential.
And to prove its own
Hope continues to prove with confidence

Moreover graduates say

Remember those days of my strengths
You want without being drowned out their feelings in society
Hope shining hearts, forever,

My bonus TENPEI

People who read this article, or a college student, you want to hold up!
Hope you will have to apply to.
Thanks for the message!

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